We’re all grateful for the roofs over our heads. They do the hard work to protect us day in and day out, and there are times when it may be necessary to return the favor by providing roof flashing repair and installation services. Flashing, which both weather-proofs and diverts water, is typically made of a water-resistant material like steel, aluminum, copper, or rubber. It may be visible or hidden depending on the structure. Flashing is applied to the areas of a roof or around roof features like chimneys, skylights, vents, and crevices that are most susceptible to water damage, ensuring that moisture won’t permeate through cracks in the structure. We know that Milwaukee experiences wet weather and even downpours year round. Flashing installation and repair is a common and necessary step in ensuring the interior of your home or business stays dry, protected, and damage-free.

When Flashing Repair and Installation Is Needed

Any roof or wall intersection presents a risk for water intrusion, and there are a few ways to gauge whether flashing installation or repair is needed. Water damage is a telltale interior sign that your property needs attention immediately. You can usually spot water damage in corners of the ceiling. Exterior signs are also important to look for. If the roof of a structure has areas of degradation including rust/corrosion, failing sealant, or missing shingles, this is also a sign that it’s time for flashing installation or repair. Visually assess your roof for damage after storms to check for shingle or flashing damage, which would necessitate repairs.

The Flashing Installation and Repair Process

Flashing installation and repair is a process that requires great skill and attention to detail. The process involves spending plenty of time on the roof, a risky endeavor unless you’re a trained professional. There are also many different types of flashing, including:

  • Base Flashing
  • Step Flashing
  • Apron Flashing
  • Diverting Flashing
  • Counter flashing
  • and more!

Different types of flashing exist because every part of a roof presents unique structural challenges, each requiring a specific installation approach. Let Advanced Restoration take the lead on your flashing installation/repair process, which will include:

  • Inspection – Flashing is often partially or completely hidden, so an inspection by our team of professionals is the first step in the repair process.
  • Choosing Materials – Flashing is commonly made of metals or rubbers. Depending on the location and visibility of the flashing, we will choose a material that suits your needs.
  • Installation – Flashing installation will include measuring, cutting, applying, and sealing the new flashing to the affected area.

There In A Flash – Contact the Milwaukee Experts

If you need flashing installation and repair, we understand that you need the issue addressed fast before more damage is caused. Advanced Restoration can be there in a flash to tackle the problem. We deliver the highest quality work so you don’t have to worry about a flashing failure for many years to come.