Over time, masonry will begin to break down. Even the highest quality craftsmanship during the initial construction process can’t prevent the eventual need for some degree of work. Advanced Restoration is ready to tackle your masonry restoration project in the Milwaukee area no matter what the current state of your property is, and that includes masonry reconstruction. Masonry, which includes individual units of brick, stone, and other sturdy materials, may become damaged if they aren’t cared for. This takes away from the appearance of a structure and may even result in structural instability. Like the mortar between masonry units, masonry itself is exposed to the elements day after day, year after year. Builders choose the strongest materials during fabrication, but even the most durable are vulnerable. This is why masonry reconstruction is one of the services we offer for returning your property to as close to its original condition and integrity as possible.

When Masonry Restoration Services are Needed

Masonry reconstruction is one of many restoration services that can preserve the integrity and attractiveness of a structure. Masonry reconstruction is needed when masonry units need to be replaced or repaired, including sections of entire walls. Often, masonry reconstruction is part of a bigger project that can include repointing or tuckpointing, facade cleaning, masonry repair, or a combination of different services. It can also be a standalone process. Masonry reconstruction is a common element of restoring historic buildings, but even if your property is not considered historic, masonry reconstruction may be necessary or suited to your needs.

Masonry Restoration Process

The thoughtful and attentive reconstruction of a building’s masonry can keep it looking beautiful for decades to come. The process requires a professionally trained mason to evaluate the structure or problem area, make a plan, and replace the compromised masonry units with new ones. It is also possible that parts of the reconstruction only require filling cracks to prevent them from worsening. Depending on the problem areas in the building and the present condition, the masonry reconstruction process may include:

  • In-Depth Evaluation – The first step in a quality reconstruction is a thorough evaluation of the property to understand the scope of the project.
  • Damage Removal – Once the reconstruction process is underway, our contractors will carefully remove damaged masonry.
  • Sourcing Materials – Finding the right materials for historic building restoration is crucial. We source materials that will match the original masonry to maintain a building’s distinct character.
  • Tuckpointing or Repointing – Fresh mortar is applied, and tuckpointing or repointing of the mortar joints is completed.
  • Unit Replacement – We replace damaged masonry with newly sourced materials, seamlessly integrating new with existing units.

Start Preserving Your Milwaukee-area Building Today

Every repair is unique, so talking to an expert from Advanced Restoration is the first step in the process of getting the right repairs for your property. It may be difficult to tell without professional input when masonry reconstruction is needed and how it will fit into a bigger restoration process. Our team of experts can evaluate and make a plan for your property to ensure its longevity. So, if you’re in need of masonry reconstruction, give Advanced Restoration a call!