Concrete is one of the strongest materials around. It can be used for foundations, architectural components, roads, and more. Despite its strength, concrete still needs to be taken care of. Concrete is a porous material, which means that it can be affected by weather, erosion, and moisture. When it comes to questions of concrete, Advanced Restoration is your Milwaukee expert for any concrete restoration project. The facilities we rely on most are often largely built with concrete, including parking structures, hospitals, and industrial buildings, in addition to infrastructure including bridges and more. If you want to make sure your structure is going to last in the long run, concrete restoration is key.

When Concrete Restoration Services are Needed

How can you be certain that your project requires concrete restoration? If your concrete structure or surface is showing signs of wear that are detracting from its appearance, this is one reason to consider concrete restoration. However, this type of restoration goes beyond surface-level concerns. If your structure has some degree of damage to its concrete surfaces, concrete restoration is the right choice for you. Concrete is an ancient building material that has been used for thousands of years, but it usually only stays solid and safe for between fifty and one hundred years without care. With preventative maintenance, your concrete structure or component will last for many more decades, even centuries! This is why the restoration process for concrete is crucial.

The Restoration Process

The goal of this restoration is to return the structure or concrete component of the structure in question to its original utility and look. This includes the elimination of cracks, and discoloration while addressing structural issues. The extent of the damage will dictate the restoration process, which may include:

  • Assessment – A professional contractor will determine what the key issues are and recommend how to approach them. This step is key to understanding the extent of the problem. Addressing deeper problems as soon as possible will also help avoid worse structural degradation in the future.
  • Filling Cracks – The first line approach for a less invasive restoration will include filling cracks with either epoxy or polyurethane.
  • Leveling/Smoothing – Depending on whether the area being worked on is a vertical or horizontal surface, leveling or smoothing may be required to increase safety and usability.
  • Surface Treatment/Waterproofing – If your structure is subject to heavy use, we may treat the surface with a special coating to ensure its longevity. There are also waterproof coatings available for concrete surfaces that are frequently exposed to moisture.
  • Removal/Replacement – While the removal and replacement of damaged concrete may not be necessary for your project, rest assured that if it is, Advanced Restoration will be there from start to finish.

Solid Solutions Provided by our Concrete Restoration Experts

We understand that when you need a solution to a structural problem, you want solid solutions with demonstrated results. We have years of experience and the expertise to address any project. So, when you’re looking for trustworthy local experts to complete your concrete restoration, give Advanced Restoration a call!