Located in Belgium, WI., Advanced Restoration specializes in both residential and commercial properties in Racine, Sheboygan, Janesville, and everywhere in between. With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial building restoration services, our team of experts have the training, experience, and equipment necessary to get the job done. Aimed at exterior and interior historical restorations and renovations, we intend to restore structures to a near new condition, preventing further deterioration and to provide you with minimal maintenance. Every project we do is done with skill, professionalism, and care with particular attention to detail.

Advanced Restoration is the right choice if you are seeking Historical Restoration, New Construction, and/or Masonry Restoration and Chemical Masonry Cleaning.

We offer a variety of building restoration services to a wide range of properties and facilities, including:

  • Commercial Properties (Office Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Parking Structures)
  • Residential (Town Homes, Condominiums, Single Family Homes)
  • Education (Schools, Colleges/Universities)
  • Medical (Hospital and Healthcare)
  • Manufacturing and Industrial (Storage Facilities, Factories)

Our project managers and team of experts are committed to customer service and are available to ensure 100% satisfaction. We will work closely with you and manage the project from start to finish. Call us today to learn more about our different building restoration services!

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P: 262-285-5066 | E: connect@advancedrestoration.org



Vice President

Jordan Dimmer, owner and CEO of family-owned Advanced Restoration Inc., is not just an expert in masonry restoration. In 2017, he also leveraged his industry experience, purchased the company founded by his father, and took it to the next level. Advanced Restoration Inc. was established in 1987, when Jordan’s father started the business. Jordan notes that this was the only job that he [Jordan] ever had. He participated in a co-op program in high school, working half days, and then just worked his way up from laborer to job foreman to project manager and then, eventually, owner.

Expanding Business

Jordan says, “Ever since I started working with my dad, I had found my niche in helping the industry by providing excellent masonry work. Learning all the various assets of my father’s business, I’ve now been able to expand to many facets of building restoration and preservation, earthwork, masonry, sand and gravel, heavy and light haul trucking, and tuck pointing—along with so much more.”

With a main service area of southeastern Wisconsin, Advanced Restoration takes on both residential and commercial projects, but as Jordan explains, there has been a big shift toward commercial over the last five years. Most of that work involves masonry for historical buildings and projects being redeveloped.

Fair, Honest Approach

As for the company’s philosophy, which has brought them decades of success, Jordan shares that they just try to be as fair as possible. He says, “I always look at it as if I’m the homeowner or the developer. I think about how I’d want the project to go and who would I want to work with. That’s my main goal—to approach the job as if I were doing it for myself or for a family member.”

That attitude has helped catapult Advanced Restoration’s growth from eight employees to now almost 30. With finding the right help a challenge, a big part of the company’s success can be attributed to its experienced team, which consists of many employees who joined as referrals from current employees. Jordan expresses gratitude for his staff, in fact, noting, “I could not do this without my outstanding, experienced team.” As a hands-on CEO, Jordan not only runs the company and all its operations, but he also still goes on site to work out in the field, as needed. But he does have help within the family. While he handles all the estimating, his brother-in-law and vice president, Jon Eippert, is the director of the masonry division and is in charge of most of the bidding and running the masonry projects for the busy firm.

Keep on Growing

When it comes down to it, this business is all about doing good work and continuing to take things to the next level. Jordan concludes, “I’m proud to say we are well-known for the quality of work we do. In 2024, we are looking to grow our business exponentially by creating and building strong relationships with new and existing customers. My plan is to keep growing.”