Fortify and Beautify Commercial Building Exteriors

The seasonal freeze-thaw cycles in Milwaukee are tough on building exteriors year after year. Inclement weather like rain, snow and hail can all speed up the deterioration of mortar, rendering it in need of replacement. Masonry tuckpointing and repointing preserve both the beauty and strength of properties and residences with brick, block, stone, or terracotta exteriors. Tuckpointing primarily enhances the appearance of a structure, while repointing ensures structural integrity in addition to addressing cosmetic concerns. If you want to freshen the appearance of your structure or notice cracks or crumbling in the mortar of your building, it is time for professional work. In our region, moisture penetration of building exteriors is inevitable. With professional tuckpointing or repointing, you won’t need to worry about the safety or look of your building’s exterior, through even the worst seasonal shifts.

When Tuckpointing is Needed

Preserving the structural integrity of a building is crucial for its safety and longevity. Professional tuckpointing will last a decade or longer and greatly reduce the risk of more invasive repairs in the future which can interrupt the occupancy of your residence or facility. Worn mortar can also appear dull and detract from your home, business, or facility’s appearance. The new mortar joints will be much more resistant to water and have a clean, even surface. After conducting a thorough evaluation, we will remove old mortar before applying fresh mortar that coheres with the color of the masonry in use. We achieve a seamless look by replacing masonry units if necessary, and can even chemically seal the new mortar work so it will repel water. A professional repointing or tuckpointing job by Advanced Restoration will refresh the look of your building and help to preserve its history, character, and safety.

When Masonry Tuckpointing and Repointing is Needed

Repointing, while similar to tuckpointing, is a slightly different process. While tuckpointing emphasizes the makeover of a facade’s appearance, repointing is the complete system of removing, replacing, and refinishing mortar joints for structural reasons. This process is crucial, mortar joints support structure, and a building can become unsound without repair. Repointing is recommended when there are visibly crumbling or cracking masonry units, deteriorating mortar between units, or shifting units. Repointing mortar is the best way to ensure a building remains safe, and like tuckpointing, will ensure the structure’s sturdiness, water resistance, and attractiveness. It is also often key to the restoration process of historic buildings.

Reach out for a Tuckpointing and Repointing Assessment Today

Leaving a building’s masonry and mortar in poor condition can cause severe problems in the future, so don’t wait to give us a call for an estimate on your specific tuckpointing or repointing needs. We’re sticklers for detail, and your satisfaction is our top priority. To evaluate what work is required, we will schedule an individual appointment with you, and can even visit your property in person to get a hands-on look and to better understand the scale of the project. Once we have connected with you and discussed the necessary repairs, we will create a custom proposal and collaborate with you on a plan that fits your budget. We can’t wait to work with you to make sure your building’s exteriors last for years to come.