The doors and windows to a structure make it useful, and lintels are needed for every opening like these in a building. A lintel is an area fortified for load-bearing that spans the length of a door, window, or other opening, and supports the wall above it. Without a strong lintel, the entire wall is in danger of damage, or in extreme cases, collapse. Lintels can be made of the same material that the facade is made of, for example, bricks, or they can be made of other materials like a wooden beam, a long piece of sturdy metal, usually steel, or concrete with steel fortification. If you look closely at structures around Milwaukee, you’ll start to notice lintels everywhere, particularly the visible brick lintels of older buildings! Because all the structures we rely on have openings for entry and light, lintel repair and replacement is a common part of the restoration process.

When Lintel Repair and Replacement is Needed

The purpose of a lintel is to support the wall above an opening. Lintel repair or replacement is needed when an extant lintel breaks or gives out, and is necessary to avoid further damage to the structure. The telltale sign that an installed lintel needs to be repaired or replaced is cracking in the structure above a window or doorway. Cracks in these areas indicate that the pressure from the wall above the lintel has caused it to bend, fracture, or break. This can happen suddenly or slowly over time, but should be addressed immediately. Other causes of lintel damage include damp conditions that affect the concrete, wood, or brickwork of a lintel, and corrosion of metal lintels. Window replacement, particularly in older structures, can also result in the need for lintel repair/replacement because new windows tend to be made of plastics that can’t bear the weight of the wall above them. Any structural movement can also put enough stress on a lintel to damage it.

The Lintel Repair or Replacement Process

Every lintel repair or replacement process is different. Some require more extensive removal and repair processes, and in other cases an extant lintel can be mended. To determine the best course of action, our team will carefully evaluate the area and decide on the approach that will be the most long-lasting, sturdy, and cost-effective. The overall lintel repair/replacement process includes:

  • Evaluation – We will determine all the materials used in the extant lintel and evaluate the extent of the damage to decide whether a repair or replacement is best.
  • Reinforcement – While a lintel is being repaired, we will reinforce the area to avoid further damage to the wall.
  • Installation – The new lintel is installed, or the damaged lintel is repaired. The installation process will depend on the material of the current lintel, and may include drilling into the masonry/wall to repair the current lintel, or creating and installing a new lintel.

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