One of the Milwaukee building restoration services we offer are caulking services and sealant replacement. Sealant is the vital bonding material used on building facades. You will most often find it on window and door perimeters, control and expansion joints, copings, and other areas where moisture is most likely to occur and infiltrate. Sealant is incredibly important in these areas as it serves as the first line of defense against moisture and damage to a building’s “envelope,” which includes the roof, windows, floors, walls, and doors.

Older buildings throughout the region are the ones that most often call for sealant replacement as the sealant can begin to break down or chip over time, allowing for moisture penetration. This concern is particularly relevant in an area like southeastern Wisconsin that experiences a lot of rainfall and freezing temperatures in the winter.

What Sets Us Apart?

We think a few key factors set us apart from the competition at Advanced Restoration. First, our over 30 years of experience is certainly a plus! That experience ranges from residential to commercial and exterior to interior restorations, throughout the greater Milwaukee area. This knowledge and expertise in handling historic buildings equip us to tackle a variety of project types with care and the utmost professionalism.

Another area in which we excel is customer service. When you seek sealant replacement services, the process starts with a request for a quote. We will then schedule an appointment with you to better understand what your building needs as well as your goals for the service. It is always our priority to communicate with you clearly and consistently throughout the project so you can stay informed and have your questions answered attentively.

Contact Advanced Restoration For our Caulking Services & Sealant Replacement

To learn more about Advanced Restoration’s sealant replacement process, contact us today. We will start the process by examining the building in question, taking a close look at the state of the current sealant throughout. After that, we create a quote for the work costs which you will have time to review and discuss with us.

Once in agreement, Advanced Restoration’s crew will start work on your sealant replacement, taking the first step toward greatly protecting your structure from the elements. We know you will be happy with the results and enjoy working with us during the process!