When you meet someone, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The same goes for the appearance of your building! Dirt doesn’t need to be the norm. Professional facade cleaning will ensure that the exterior of your home or business is eye-catching, in addition to adding long-term benefits for the structure. Regularly cleaning building exteriors is an important part of overall maintenance and can prevent the premature aging of a building, too. Facade cleaning by Advanced Restoration is your go-to to create a great, lasting impression of your Milwaukee home or place of business.

Why Do Facades Require Cleaning?

Though we can’t always see it, dirt is all around us outside. Small dirt particles float through the air, and every raindrop and snowflake contains dirt as well. Rain, snow, wind, and even ambient air is dirty enough that over time, the exteriors of buildings need to be professionally cleaned. There are also pollutants in the air that add to the layers of fine particles on building exteriors, including exhaust from motor vehicles. If you’re located on a busy thoroughfare this might be a major cause of the grime on the facade of your building. Industrial facilities like manufacturing and power plants can also emit microscopic particles that affect building cleanliness over time. Whether you’re located downtown, in a suburban area, or elsewhere, there are always environmental factors affecting the cleanliness of your property.

The Facade Cleaning Process

Facade cleaning is focused on the exterior surfaces of a building that have accumulated unwanted dirt and grime from years of exposure to the outdoors. We begin the facade cleaning process by evaluating the scale of the building and the type of material it is made of to determine the safest and most effective cleaning protocol for your property. Some examples of facade cleaning methods include:

  • Pre-Soaking – Pre-soaking the facade surface may be recommended. Depending on the surface type and cleaning needs, a pre-soak may include getting the area wet with clean water or with a cleaning solution.
  • Pressure washing – A popular choice for a wide range of exterior types including concrete, brick, and other masonry, wood clapboard, vinyl, and other sturdy materials.
  • Power washing – This approach is beneficial for particularly dirty buildings, as this process uses hot water instead of cold for an even deeper clean.
  • Soft washing – A method used to clean surfaces that may be prone to damage with higher pressure. This method uses lower pressure and includes special cleaning solutions to break down dirt and grime.

The Professional Difference

The care and upkeep of your home or business is no small task. With facade cleaning by Advanced Restoration, you will experience the professional difference in the maintenance of your property. No matter what the size, shape, age, or material of your building facade, Advanced Restoration has a service for your needs. So, when you’re looking for trustworthy local experts to complete your façade cleaning, give Advanced Restoration a call!