Want to make sure that the facade of your structure is up to code? Many cities, including the city of Milwaukee, have facade ordinances. These ordinances are designed for public safety, and require buildings that are more than five stories high to undergo a facade inspection. Facade inspections must be done by an expert, and Advanced Restoration is just that. Structures are subject to a lot of wear and tear, and it is possible for components of a structure’s exterior to wear down to the point that it poses a risk to people both outside and inside the structure. For this reason, facade inspections are good for businesses and good for the public. Moreover, they provide the legal protection and peace of mind you need as a building owner.

When a Facade Inspection Is Needed

While ordinances vary from city to city, it’s a good idea to always be up to date on your facade inspections. In Milwaukee, if a structure is more than fifteen years old in addition to being five or more stories high, a facade inspection must be performed by a state of Wisconsin registered professional, or be supervised by such a professional. If you are the owner of a historic building, you will need a facade inspection if you haven’t already had one. Even if you have, another inspection may be needed after a certain period. In Milwaukee, this is determined by the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS). We serve Milwaukee and beyond, and can help you determine what your local ordinance is for facade inspection.

The Facade Inspection Process

Because it is both an issue of safety and a legal requirement, the facade inspection process should not be taken lightly. Advanced Restoration takes the utmost care when conducting facade inspections. The process includes numerous steps to ensure all building facades are in good, safe condition:

  • Hands-on Examination – To know whether a facade is posing any risks, we will get up close to the entire building envelope to determine its condition.
  • Remote Examination – In addition to a close-up, hands-on inspection, viewing the structure from a variety of angles, distances, and with the aid of photography helps us identify issues with a facade.
  • Send Written Report – Once an inspection is complete, a written report is sent to the city where the building is located and kept on file to ensure compliance with the ordinance.
  • Follow-up/Repairs – We follow up with you to make a plan to address any necessary repairs. Repairs are recommended based on the findings of the inspection.

More Than Surface-Level

While we may be conducting facade inspections, our relationships with customers aren’t surface-level. We care about keeping you and the public safe and are prepared to not only inspect your building’s facade, but make a plan with you to repair any damage found during an inspection. Contact Advanced Restoration today to get up to date on your building’s facade inspection.