Advanced Restoration has completed many beautiful historic building preservation projects throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Historic preservation is essentially the protection and restoration of buildings and other landmarks that have been deemed “historically significant.”

Our historic preservation projects include both residential and commercial properties and call on our 30-plus years of experience in restoration. Much of our focus for these undertakings involves carefully cleaning and maintaining the structure to help prevent further damage. Additionally, we can make alterations to the structure that aim to restore aspects of each building to its former glory.

The Preservation Process

While the process for historic preservation varies widely depending on the specific project and the building’s needs, there are some basic steps that we follow every time. These steps include surveying and evaluating the historical building with a focus on its architecture. To do this, we also look at cultural resources from the area. One of the first steps we take in the historic preservation process is identifying how the structure is historically and culturally significant, and therefore appropriate for preservation.

We then look at how the structure can best be preserved, whether it is through removing stains, replacing period-inaccurate materials, chemical sealing, or another process. These decisions will be based in part on our research about the structure’s history and what is historically appropriate. Once we determine the best course of action, the process of protecting and enhancing the structure begins.

Contact Advanced Restoration About Historic Building Preservation

To learn more about Advanced Restoration’s historic building preservation capabilities, contact us today. We will start the process with a discussion of your needs and the structure in question. We can then provide a quote on the project and schedule an appointment with you to review the scope of the work in more detail. Then, we will take time to create a specific proposal for the project that is based on our initial research of the structure and the surrounding area. If you accept and sign the proposal, we will get to work on beautifying and protecting your structure so it can be enjoyed for years to come! Check out some of our projects to see what we can do.