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Originally built in 1929 The Avalon Theater was Wisconsin’s first theater built for movies with sound. Designed by one of Milwaukee’s most prominent architects Russell Barr Williamson, who also designed the Eagles Club, the Avalon Theater is an atmospheric theater that was preserved and restored under the guidance of the historic preservation commission. Giving patrons an open-air experience, it was carefully crafted to give the feel of being in the Mediterranean, specifically that of Grenada, Spain.   

Advanced Restoration transformed the exterior of this historic movie venue back to its original condition. The building's masonry including the cream city brick, limestone, terra cotta, and cast stone was meticulously cleaned as gently as possible to remove decades of staining and debris, halting any further deterioration. Defective mortar was tuckpointed with hundreds of defective bricks being replaced, all with materials duplicating the old as close as possible, preserving its historical accuracy. The building was chemically sealed to assure its character and charm for many years to come!