General Contractor: Advanced Restoration Inc.



Founded in 1856 by Schreier Malting, was the beginning of the malting presence in Sheboygan, WI. The plant completely burned down in 1866, was rebuilt, before catching on fire again in 1911. At this point fireproof materials now existed and the entire plant has stood tall in operations to this day. In 1997 the plant was purchased by Cargill, where they ran operations until 2019. The European Belgium-based Boortmalt Group, a global malting company that operates on 5 different continents with 27 malting plants purchased the plant from Cargill in 2019 and continues operations here today in 2024.

The historic chimney (no longer in use) finally was deteriorating and needed to be demolished, Advanced Restoration was contracted by the Boortmalt Group to take on this task. The chimney is roughly 180 feet tall with a base circumference of over 40 and has been standing tall for over 170 years. The demolition required coordinating with the plant manager of Sheboygan, WI and the safety officer for Boortmalt North America to ensure safety for everyone involved, as the plant would stay open during this time. Also working with the Wisconsin D.N.R. to ensure the safety of the endangered peregrine falcons nest housing several babies were hatched and matured, the project was completed in July of 2023. During demolition, Advanced Restoration was able to safely secure many of the original white glazed clay bricks that displayed the original Schreier logo down the side of the chimney. Boortmalt intends on reusing and displaying these in their office keeping a piece of the history alive.